2019 Beer List

BreweryBeerABVStyleTasting Notes
10th Anniversary BeerXPA4.0BitterJoining forces to brew an extra special Extra Pale Ale. Light, crisp and easy-drinking.
Abbeydale, Sheffield. S YorksDeception4.1BitterJust so good, it turned into a regular. A multi award winner, including Champion beer of Sheffield 2011.
Abbeydale, Sheffield. S YorksVoyager (VG)5.6IPASingle hopped, unfined IPA - expect juicy fruity passionfruit and peaches as there's oodles of Galaxy lacing this one.
AdnamsMosaic Pale Ale4.1BitterA fruity pale blonde beer with aromas of mango, peach, lemon and pine and a dry hoppy finish. A fruity one-hopwonder!
Backyard BrewhouseBackyard Gold4.5BitterSmooth, golden bitter. Citra and Styrian hops give an intense citrus, tropical fruit experience.
Bad Co Brewery, DishforthLove Over Gold4.1BitterA fresh and fearless Blonde Ale with twists of citrus fruits and bitter orange. Bold and refreshing, it's always a good time to choose Love Over Gold.
Bath AlesFrosty Hare3.5BitterA warming pale ale that's amber in colour with a rich, caramel taste and a hint of spice. Maris Otter and Red Crystal malts create a solid base, giving this beer a great depth of flavour - and at a low abv.
Bingley BreweryGoldy Locks4.0BitterMade using Pale Crystal malt, giving a delicate toffee aftertaste. Cascade aroma hop provides a refreshing citrus flavour.
Bingley BreweryTasman Bay3.8BitterFirst Impressions are a very pale ale. Tasman Bay is single hopped with the extremely versatile Motueka hop, it has a lively fresh lime flavour followed by a tropical fruit and lemon zest. Big citrus notes dominate a slightly bitter brew with a long last finish.
BinghamsVanilla Stout5.0StoutThis stout is infused with vanilla pods which complement the dark malts to create a smooth drinking, deliciously dark stout. Champion Beer of Great Britain in 2016.
Black JackAces High5.5IPAClassic IPA. Hopped with Summit, Marynka, Cascade
Black JackNew Deck4.2BitterA quaffable, traditional golden bitter hopped with Summit, Admiral and Goldings
Blue BeeTripple Hop4.3BitterCitra, Mosaic and Ekuanot, golden
Blue BeeBorn in the USA6.0IPAWest coast IPA with Citra Mosaic and Ekuanot
Blue MonkeyGuerilla4.9BitterA hearty beer full of malty complexity balanced by a robust bitter bite. 
Bone IdleCitra Pale Ale3.9BitterRefreshing taste of citrus and a tropical medley including grapefruit, melon, lime, passionfruit and lychee.
Bridgehouse Brewery, OxenhopePale Bandit (Gluten Free)3.6BitterA gluten free blonde ale with citrus flavours and a light pallet.
Bridgehouse Brewery, OxenhopeTequila Blonde3.8BitterA crisp Blonde ale with sweet citrus aromas, infused with real Mexican Tequila and lime, that result in an exciting mix.
Cheddar AlesGoat's Leap IPA5.5IPAFull-bodied, strong with a striking bitter finish. A big beer brimming with hop character. Brewed using the highest quality Pale ale, Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal and Cara malts and hopped with a blend of English Goldings, Challenger and Fuggles whole hops. A proper English IPA.
Coniston Brewery, Coniston, CumbriaBluebird Bitter3.6BitterA good session ale with it's golden colour and light, clean, quality taste. An inviting aroma gives way to a good dry finish. A classic example of a single varietal hop beer.
Daleside, HarrogateBitter3.7BitterEasy drinking Yorkshire bitter.
Daleside, HarrogateOld Leg Over4.1BitterA balanced mid-brown beer with a lingering hop and bitter finish.
Dark Star, SussexAmerican Pale Ale4.7BitterAn extremely clean drinking pale gold coloured ale with strong floral aromas and elderflower notes.
First ChopHOP4.1BitterAn ultra pale ale born from a love of hops. Four varieties of whole hops from the US and one from Slovenia are added through the boil and finally to the hop-back. Producing a thirst quenching session beer with massive hop flavours.
Fyne AlesJarl3.8BitterA full-on citrus experience. Light and golden, a perfect ale for whiling away the hours on a sunny day.
Goose Eye, Keighley, W.YorksChinook Blonde4.2BitterOur number one seller and finalist in the 2017 Champion Beer of Britain, bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops, which provide it with one of the most distinctive and captivating tastes you might ever try. With copious amounts of flavour and an abundance or aroma.
Goose Eye, Keighley, W.YorksSauvin Smash3.9BitterA new single malt ,single hope session IPA. Fruity on the palate with a smooth lingering finish. Grapefruit and citrus notes.
Goose Eye, Keighley, W.YorksGoose Eye Bitter3.9BitterOur traditional session ale, with a chestnut hue this bitter is pleasing to the eye as well as to the palette; a delightful flavour produced by three varieties of hop.
Goose Eye, Keighley, W.YorksGolden Goose4.5BitterSelf-descriptive in colour, a slightly stronger ale but you wouldn't know it, with an incredibly smooth finish and wonderful hop aromas.
Goose Eye, Keighley, W.YorksSpring Wells3.6BitterA light ale absolutely bursting with flavour, packed to the brim with American hops it will leave you coming back for more.
Goose Eye, Keighley, W.YorksOver & Stout StoutAn excessively dark stout, strong in content and strong in flavour. With the smoothness of a dark mild but the strength to wake the dead.
Great Heck, Great Heck, N YorksVoodo Mild4.3BitterVery flavourful dark mild brewed with lots of roasted malts balanced perfectly with finest English hops.
Great Heck, Great Heck, N YorksAmish Mash4.7BitterAmish Mash is a fusion of European and American beer styles. A German style cloudy wheat beer brewed with wheat malt and German Weizen yeast, hopped with loads of American hops late in the boil and during fermentation. 
Green JackMandarina Orange Wheat4.2Wheat BeerA bright golden 'wheat' beer, brewed with 40% wheat malt and a combination of fresh and dry orange peels. Mandarina has a restrained zesty citrus flavours from the hops and the peels, balanced with soft sweetness from the wheat malt. 
Harrogate BreweryCalypso5.4BitterBalanced IPA beer hopped with U.S. Calypso. 
Harrogate BreweryCold Bath Gold4.4BitterUK hopped golden ale.
HawksheadLakeland Gold4.4BitterGolden Ale. Hoppy and uncompromisingly bitter with complex fruit flavours from the blending of a modern English hop, First Gold, with the outrageously fruity American hop, Cascade.
HawksheadWindermere Pale3.5BitterA very pale beer, made with Maris Otter pale malt and a hint of malted wheat. Fresh flavours come through from the English hops. A thirst quenching, easy drinking summer ale. 
Hop Back, SalisburySummer Lightening5.0BitterA pleasurable pale bitter, with a good fresh hoppy aroma, with a malt & hop flavour. Finely balanced, with an intense bitterness leading to a long dry finish.
Ilkley Brewery, IlkleyMary Jane3.5BitterMulti-award-winning pale session ale. Intensely refreshing with citrus aroma and balanced bitterness. Named after the character from the Yorkshire anthem "Ont' Ilkley Moor Baht'at".
Ilkley Brewery, IlkleyJoshua Jane3.7BitterEverything that is great about traditional Yorkshire bitter, fused with Ilkley Brewery's unique hop character. Named after Mary Jane's suitor, ont' Ilkla Moor baht'at...
Ilkley Brewery, IlkleyStout Mary3.5StoutStrong in taste instead of abv, allowing you to indulge yourself. Big roasted malt notes of coffee with a delicate chocolate finish. Our Mary re-imagined. A winter beer for all seasons.
Ilkley Brewery, IlkleyAlpha Beta (V)4.5BitterBig on flavour, easy on abv. Distinctive American hop character. Depth and body from the rye malt. A little beer that's big and bold. Be surprised, be happy.
Ilkley Brewery, IlkleyLotus (V)5.9BitterPacked with contemporary hop varieties to keep the flavours fresh and the senses sharp.
Ilkley Brewery, IlkleyFruition (V)5.5IPAHeady aromas of tropical fruit in harmony with powerful hop bitterness. We love it when a plan comes to Fruition.
Kelham IslandKelham Best3.8BitterA classic amber Yorkshire bitter showcasing the finest British ingredients and traditional brewing techniques. Hand crafted from Tipple and crystal malt with the best Fuggles, Goldings and Admiral hops. This is a well balanced session beer with spicy, earthy aromas and a sweet refreshing malty finish.
Kelham IslandLicence to Chill4.0BitterThis action packed clandestine golden bitter brewed with the finest English malts lends itself to a smooth character. A blend of English and Slovenian hops give it a fruity essence with hints of citrus.
KirkstallPale Ale4.0BitterThis is our classic ale and one that was born out of our quest for uncompromising quality. A wonderfully golden session ale with fresh malt and hop aroma, leading to a satisfying bitter finish.
KirkstallDissolution5.0IPABrewed in memory of the dissolution of Kirkstall Abbey by Henry VIII, in 1539 AD, and the disbanding of the Abbey's Cistercian order. This is classic India Pale Ale, with a resolute hoppy kick and lasting citrus finish.
Konig LudwigWeissbier5.5Wheat BeerKonig Ludwig from Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg is an German Hefeweizen style beer, medium in colour, slightly hoppy, 
LaconsEncore3.8BitterGlowing with a pale amber hue, this flavour packed ale leads with delicate fruit aromas, comfortably balancing a dry pine and citrus crescendo of flavour throughout followed by a finish that is long and dry.
Legitimate IndustriesTax Evasion (V)4.4German PilsSitting there like the fat cat who got the double cream. This smirking, crisp, German-style lager is chortling all the way to the offshore bank. With a private vault full of Pilsner malts, and a blend of Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, this deliciously selfish swine knows he's getting away with a murderously refreshing brew. An utter citrus, floral bastard.
Legitimate IndustriesElection Fraud (V)4.0IPAVote for change. For fairness. For equality. Vote for a tropical blend of juicy New Zealand, Motueka and Rakau hops. Hell, it's a democracy, vote for whatever you like. But you should probably know, with its Vermont yeast, this naturally hazy Session IPA's had it rigged from the start. You'll be stuck for another term yet.
Legitimate IndustriesIdentity Theft APA (V)5.3BitterIdentity Theft's been snooping around. This American Pale knows you better than your nearest and dearest. He worked out that feeble password faster than you can say 'skimmed card'. Now he's going to take it all. An opportunistic menace, with a juicy, tropical fruit blend of Magnum, Calypso, Chinook, Denali and Eureka hops.
Legitimate IndustriesBank Job Bitter (V)4.3BitterThis old traditionalist is just plain bitter. The wily old fox is sitting on a stash of Crystal malt and Caramalt, and he's just one last job away from hanging up his shotgun. He got in with the wrong crowd of Cascade, Chinook and Centennial hops, and now he's pointing a gun in your face and demanding access to the vault. Fill the bags.
Legitimate IndustriesDouble Agent (V)10.4StoutThis hard-hitting rich and decadent little number has been ageing in authentic bourbon barrels so long, he has no idea whose side he's on. But know this. With his hint of vanilla and chocolate...you trust this treacherous S.O.B at your peril.
LoddonFerryman's Gold4.4BitterGolden, smooth, aromatic and zesty. Brewed using Slovenian Stryian Golding hops which impart a zesty Lime flavour. The mix of Cara malt and Wheat malt give a smooth, creamy body to the beer.
NomadicHoarder5.1Brown AleSmooth and subtle nut flavours from the malts combine with hazelnut and UK hops to make this wonderfully tasty beer.
NomadicStrider4.4BitterStrider is our modern take on the classic Best Bitter, with caramel and biscuit flavours.
North Bar, LeedsSputnik5.0BitterEveryone's favourite hazy-but-crisp American pale ale. Light in colour and body with assertive piney bitterness and a fruity candy aroma.
North Bar, LeedsTransmission6.9IPAAn award-winning IPA and our core range headliner. Tropical aroma balanced with bright and bittersweet resinous flavours. Hazy orange appearance and soft, juicy mouthfeel.
North Bar, LeedsHerzog5.0KolschA crisp and clean ale-lager hybrid made with genuine Kolsch yeast. Light, grassy flavours and a straw-yellow colour.
North Bar, LeedsFull Fathom 56.5PorterA dark and dreamy porter with rich flavours from single origin Rwandan coffee beans and a delicate toasted coconut aroma. Malty, toothsome and deliciously refreshing.
North Bar, LeedsDouble IPA8.0IPABrewed with New York legends Finback, this New England Style DIPA is packed with Citra Cryo and El Dorado hops and a good helping of oats. It's big, bright and tropical with a soft, full-bodied mouthfeel. It's insanely drinkable... for a casual 8%.
Oakham Ales, CambridgeshireGreen Devil IPA4.2IPAAmazing hop harvest aroma with tropical fruit bursting through.
Old Spot, CullingworthSpot Light4.2BitterA light coloured ale light in colour with a pleasant hoppy aftertaste.
Old Spot, CullingworthLight but Dark4.0BitterA chestnut coloured bitter @4.0 ABV with a slight malty for-taste and a pleasant bitter finish an ideal session beer.
Old Spot, CullingworthLager than Life4.1BitterMade using lager malt for a light refreshing ale with a hint of sweetness. Spicy herbal flavours with notes of incense, anise & black pepper. Aromas of Grapefruit, orange & mango.
Old Spot, CullingworthGinger Beer4.1GingerOur classic Ginger beer made with fresh natural root ginger conditioned in the cask for a pleasant refreshing yet not overpowering drink
Old Spot, CullingworthSpot o Bother5.5PorterA Porter with a chocolate ice-cream for-taste and a slight liquorish bitterness to finish a very complex brew
Old Spot, CullingworthOSB4.5BitterA golden coloured bitter a full bodied bitter.
OssettYorkshire Brunette3.7BitterAn easy-drinking session bitter brewed with pale wheat and roasted malts. Pale chestnut in colour and with moderate bitterness, aromas of spice and citrus fruit come from the hops.
OssetYorkshire Blonde3.9BitterOur biggest selling beer, Yorkshire Blonde is a mellow, lager coloured ale. Full-bodied and low in bitterness, there is a delicate malty sweetness on the palate. The fruity hop aroma results from a generous late addition of Mount Hood hops. Our biggest selling beer, Yorkshire Blonde is a mellow, lager coloured ale. Full-bodied and low in bitterness, there is a delicate malty sweetness on the palate. The fruity hop aroma results from a generous late addition on Mount Hood hops.
OrkneyDragonhead Stout4.0StoutA legendary stout - dark, intense and fully-flavoured. This black stout has a smooth roasted malt aroma giving bitter chocolate, dark roasted coffee and smoky notes balanced by hints of spicy Goldings hop.
Rat BreweryRat Child4.0BitterPale Hoppy Bitter. Flavoured with a blend of Summit, Citra and Simcoe hops this straw-coloured bitter has a  spicy, citrus aroma and a mouth-watering savoury bitterness, with a lip-smacking dry finish.
RebellionRebellion IPA3.7IPAA light coloured, easy drinking beer with considerable depth and complexity.
Roosters, KnaresboroughYankee (V)4.3BitterOne of the original, new-style, pale ales to be brewed in the UK, Yankee® is a modern classic. Light and easy-drinking, it's a beer that showcases the floral and citrus fruit aromas of the Cascade hop, grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, USA, projected against a back drop of soft Yorkshire water and Golden Promise pale malt.
Roosters, Knaresborough24/7 (V)4.7BitterFour big-hitting hops come together to create a sessionable, hop-forward pale ale with the intensity of a new world IPA. Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe from the USA work in harmony with New Zealand's Nelson Sauvin to produce a punchbowl aroma of lemon, tangerine and gooseberry, followed by a balanced grapefruit bitterness.
Salt BreweryJute4.2BitterA pale dry hopped session IPA brewed with New Zealand & American hops.
Saltaire, SaltaireBlonde4.0BitterLight and refreshing, our signature pale ale balances soft malt flavours with subtle spice from Bohemian Saaz hops.
Saltaire, SaltaireTriple Choc4.8TBCInternationally acclaimed, this moreish dark beer complements English Fuggle hops with rich chocolate decadence.
Saltaire, SaltairePacidica5.5BitterSeven New World hops from around the Pacific rim create a balanced beer with citrus and grapefruit notes.
Saltaire, SaltaireEureka!4.2BitterThe latest version of our special edition single hop series; pale.
Saltaire, SaltaireVelocity (keg)4.1IPALight and refreshing, this is a hoppy session IPA with citrusy notes.
Saltaire, SaltaireCitra Pale6.2Black IPAA rich black IPA with complex hop notes
Salopian, ShropshireLemon Dream 4.5BitterA light golden ale brewed with wheat malt and subtly flavoured with fresh lemons.
ThornbridgeJaipur IPA5.9IPALight golden coloured with a sweet citrus aroma combining candied lemon peel with sun-drenched tropical fruits. Initially a soft, smooth taste which builds into a distinctive hoppiness with a twist of honey, and a long bitter finish.
Tiny RebelCwtch4.6BitterA Welsh Red Ale. 6 malts, 2 US hops and weeks of Tiny Rebel love and attention go into making this unique beer. Champion Beer of Britain 2015!
Tiny RebelJuicy4.8BitterBe transported by this, the most delicious golden ale, filled with the juiciest hops we could find - offering nearly as many mouth-watering flavours as those countless sweetie jars stacked high above your head years ago.
Titanic, Stoke on TrentIceberg4.1BitterA combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add refreshing Yakima Galena and Cascade hops and what you get is a fantastic wheat beer that will hole any passing thirst.
Titanic, Stoke on TrentPlum Porter4.9PorterDeep brown Porter with hints of juicy plums
Vocation BreweryBread & Butter3.9BitterWe've set out to prove that an easy drinking, everyday beer can still be special.  Layers of US hops are set against a backbone of British malts, so what this beer lacks in strength, it makes up for in character.  Look out for fresh flavours and aromas of pine, peach, lychee & citrus fruits, tempered by a smoothly rounded bitterness to leave you wanting more.
Vocation BreweryHeart & Soul4.4IPAThis is our Heart & Soul. Created to have all the hoppy goodness of an IPA, but brewed to a sessionable strength.  Its intense fruit-salad character comes from generous additions of US West Coast hops.  A full bodied and fruity beer, with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry & mango.
Vocation BreweryNaughty & Nice7.4StoutThis is our rich, dark and decidedly decadent chocolate stout. Uncompromisingly bold and chocolatey, it's a beer to sip and savour. It's a little bit naughty, but very, very nice. Treat yourself!
Vocation BreweryWinter Stout4.8StoutThe first in the series of Winter seasonal releases, Winter Stout, is a straight up stout standing at 4.8%. A rich and full-bodied beer brewed with a high proportion of roasted barley and Godiva hops, with a bitter finish and full-mouth feel this is the perfect winter warmer.
Vocation BreweryPure Pilsner (keg)4.5LagerThis is our classic Pilsner lager, crafted to the highest standards. We use authentic Pilsner malt, European hops and that magic ingredient... time. The result is clean, crisp and sophisticated, just as a textbook Pilsner should be. Never pasteurised. May be naturally hazy.
Vocation BreweryLife & Death (keg)6.5IPAThis is Life & Death. Three kilos of hops and forty kilos of barley selflessly give their lives to brew every barrel of this beer.  It's a lot to ask, but their reincarnation as this life-affirming IPA makes their sacrifice worthwhile.  A ballsy, US style IPA, expect flavours of tropical & citrus fruits, with a lingering bitterness set against a smooth malty backbone.
Vocation BreweryValencia & Blood Orange Sour (keg)4.5SourVersion 1 of our new Orange Sour. A deliciously refreshing and zingy beer brewed with a combination of Valencia and Blood Orange to 4.5%. The lower ABV keeps it fresh and dry, it's a tantalising treat for the taste buds!! Orange, orange and more orange. 
WarsteinerPremium Beer4.8LagerA refreshing, pale golden pilsner with a clean taste perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones and mild hoppy bitterness.
Williams BrosBirds & Bees4.3BitterThis bright, golden ale is a blend of lager malt, Cascade, Amarillo & Nelson Sauvin hops with a late infusion of elderflower. Fruity, aromatic and deliciously refreshing.
Windsor & Eton (Uprising)Treason5.8BitterA bold uncompromising beer; packed with hops at 4 different stages in the brewing process to get as many of those wonderful fruity aromas into the beer as possible. The beer packs a punch! A slightly reddish hue to the beer comes from Imperial and Munich malts to give the beer enough body to try and tame the hop aromas jumping out of the glass.
WharfedaleWharfedale Blonde3.9BitterA straw coloured blonde session ale. English malts combine with a blend of New Zealand and American hops to create lingering citrus/grapefruit flavours and a fresh satisfying bitter finish.
WharfedaleWharfedale Best4.0BitterA traditional chestnut coloured Yorkshire Bitter made with a blend of malts infused with English hops. Subtle malt flavours give way to a floral spicy hoppiness and a mild bitter finish.
WharfedaleWharfedale IPA5.4IPALate hopped-full flavoured IPA, using a variety of UK, Southern Hemisphere and North American Varieties.
WharfedaleWharfedale Black3.7BlackA rich dark mild ale. A blend of seven malted grains combine to create a smooth well balanced beer with lasting flavour. Subtle hints of chocolate, coffee and liquorice come together in this character mild.
Wilde ChildEnfant Terrible3.1BitterLactose heavy beer made with El Dorado, Mosaic and Citra hops for a low ABV beer that does not compromise on flavour and has big tropical characteristics.
Wilde ChildSgt, Hugo Stiglitz3.999BitterGerman pale made using Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops for a seriously fruity flavoured beer with grape and melon overtones.
Wishbone BreweryTiller Pin4.2BitterCollaboration brew with The Boat House in Skipton for their 1st Birthday, Hoppy pale with all American hops, Citra, Chinook & Cascade, dry hopped in the fermenter 
Wishbone BreweryGreenflute (GF)5.0APAOur first go at a Gluten Free beer, very light in colour Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe. Unfined
Wishbone BreweryThe Black IMP (V)8.7StoutThe Black Imp is based around our ever-popular 'Black Porter' recipe, with tweaks and a load of Dark Muscovado sugar. We Parti-Gyle brewed this and got 'Little Imp' Dark Mild from it too. Unfined.
Wishbone BreweryCloudy with a Chance (V)5.9IPACloudy with a chance of hops is our Collaboration brew with Thirst Class from Stockport, this is our take on a New England IPA, Dry Hopped, Unfined, Cloudy Craft-Murk! We hope you like Ahtanum, Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin hops
Wishbone BreweryDassler Helles Lager (V)4.2LagerNZ Helles Lager hopped with Motueka, Unfined and Unfiltered.
Wishbone BreweryFuzz (V)5.2BitterPale ale hopped with Azacca, Calypso & El Dorado hops from America, Dry Hopped, Unfined and Hazy.
Wishbone BreweryMasterplan6.7IPAMasterplan is a big fat DDH New England IPA with Citra, Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic. 
Wishbone BreweryStrauss Lager4.9LagerStrauss is our first Lager, Pils and Vienna Malts with classic hopping from German Mittlefruh, Fined in Cask, unfined.
Woodfordes Wherry3.8BitterA golden beer, with a fresh floral aroma a fresh citrus grapefruit taste and a long finish.
ZapatoDelegate Zero6.2PorterBlackcurrant, liquorice, lemon zest, bitter orange, cola cubes, olive and hedgerow.