2020 Beer List

Brewery Beer ABV Style Tasting Notes
Abbeydale Deception 4.10% Bitter Light and refreshing NZ pale, showcasing the incredible Nelson Sauvin hops famed for delicious citrus flavours, with hints of gooseberry and white grape. Primarily hopped with Nelson, balanced by the addition of other hops including Amarillo, Chinook, Galaxy and Columbus, giving a crisp bitter finish.
Abbeydale Dr Morton's Baffler 4.10% Bitter A pale beer with light, passion fruit and lemon aromas and flavours.
Acorn Barnsley Gold 4.30% Bitter Fresh citrus atoma and good bitterness levels. Fruit and hops carry through to a crisp, dry finish.
Acorn Enigma 5.00% Bitter The latest in their current series of single hopped IPAs.
Ashover Liquorice 5.00% Stout Rich full bodied stout enhanced by the addition of liquorice to the boil. A nod to the Basset family's Ashover roots.
Ashover Rainbow's End 4.50% Bitter SIBA Bronze medal winner Premium bitters 2012. Very pale, American hopped beer. Pronounced citrus flavours with a dry bitter finish.
Atom BA Pi 6.5% Dubbel Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel (Collab with Wilde Childe) (Vegan)
Atom Catalyst 5.4% APA A Juicy and hop forward American Pale Ale driven forward by mountains of Citra and Mosaic hops. (Vegan)
Atom Quantum State 4.2% IPA Hoppy and quaffable session IPA. Crisp, clean, juicy and light with plenty of body. (Vegan)
Atom Schrodinger’s Cat 3.5% Bitter Low in Alcohol but strong in flavour. A strong malt backbone supports a punch of Citra & Mosaic hops. (Vegan)
Atom Synthesis 5.0% Stout Raspberry and Cacao blend to create this thick and silky stout. Expect dense, creamy chocolate and light fruity sweetness. (Vegan)
Bingley Brewery Bingley Bitter 3.9% Bitter Teak in appearance and brewed using a select blend of five malts. Saaz, Magnum, Bullion and Goldings hops give this true Bitter an initial citrus aroma that gives way to a full palate and a dry, bitter finish.
Bingley Brewery Jamestown APA 5.4% APA A triple hopped APA with a blend of Chinook, Crystal and Simcoe make a slightly spicy ale with distinct piny notes with an aroma of grapefruit and a hint of apricot.
Blackjack New Deck 4.20% Bitter A golden hoppy bitter.
Blackjack Session IPA 4.50% IPA Hopped with Simcoe, Galaxy, Summit and Topaz.
Blue Bee American 5 Hop 4.30% APA Amarillo, Ekuanot, Columbus, Simcoe, Summit pale.
Blue Bee Triple Hop 4.30% APA Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot pale. Vegan.
Brew York Fossa 4.10% IPA Citra & Mosaic APA
Brew York Tonkoko 4.30% Stout Award winning milk stout, described as bounty in a glass. Huge coconut and chocolate flavours with a Tonka and Vanilla finish. Really creamy and easy drinking.
Brewsmith Brewsmith APA 5.00% APA Medium bodied, refreshing APA with passion fruit and a touch of pine flavours.
Brewsmith Brewsmith Bitter 3.90% Bitter Moderate bitterness, pronounced floral and citrus aromas.
Brick Blackhorse Milk Stout 4.70% Stout
Brick Grapefruit, Citra and Bergamot Saison 4.80% Saison
Bridge House Pale Bandit 3.60% Bitter A gluten free pale Blonde ale with smooth Citrus flavours and a light crisp finish.
Brixton ChocoWeizen 5.60%
Brixton Coldfront Baltic Porter 10.00% Porter It’s a bracing winter brew, dark as night and strong as a beast blowing in from the east. This one is all about layer upon layers of rich, flavoursome malts – blankets of protection from the elements, and fortification for maximum flavour. Brewed with a German lager yeast it’s incredibly drinkable and moreish. Get a taste of Brixton. Get Coldfront.
By The Horns Old Smoke - English Bitter 4.00% Bitter
By The Horns Spark Dust - Brut IPA 6.30% IPA
Castle Rock Crafty Flanker 4.00% Bitter A balanced pale ale with hops from both the UK and the USA, creating a wholly refreshing and fruity beer with earthy and grassy notes.
Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.80% Bitter Refreshing Multi-Award winning blonde beer with delicate citrus character
Daleside Bitter 3.7% Bitter An easy drinking beer, medium brown in colour with a well-balanced flavour and a hint of sweetness at the finish.
Daleside Monkey Wrench 5.3% Bitter A powerful strong ale, mid-brown to ruby in hue, Aromas of fruit and malt give way to hoppy and sweet finish.
Five Points JUPA 5.50% Bitter Hopped with Simcoe in the boil and dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic, JUPA has bold, juicy citrus flavours and a tropical fruit character bursting with pineapple, mango and papaya. It was brewed with a touch of wheat and oats for a silky malt backbone, allowing the West Coast hops to shine. JUPA’s low bitterness differentiates it from our Pale Ale and XPA and makes it a real thirst-quencher that’s juicy and totally crushable.
Five Points Railway Porter 4.80% Porter A classic, robust London style porter – with our own twist. Smooth and full-bodied, bursting with aromas of dark, bitter chocolate, and roasted coffee. Brewed with 100% British ingredients, East Kent Goldings Hops and an array of seven different malts.
Friendship Adventure Heist 4.50% Lager The quintessential FA beer. A gently hazy unfiltered helles/pilsner hybrid. Made with Perle hops. Perfect to scheme over.
Goose Eye Goose Eye Bitter 3.90% Bitter Our traditional session ale with a chestnut hue, this bitter is pleasing to the eye as well as to the palette; a delightful flavour produced by three varieties of hop.
Goose Eye Spring Wells 3.60% Bitter A light ale absolutely bursting with flavour, packed to the brim with American hops it will leave you coming back for more.
Hackney APA - Centennial Pale 4.50% APA
Hackney Gravity Chasm - Dry Stout 4.40% Stout
Hawkshead Cumbrian Five Hop 5.00% Bitter Made using 5 different US and UK hop varieties. Flavours of tropical fruit, orange marmalade and herbal hop aromas are balanced by a juicy malt character.
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.50% Bitter A very pale ale bursting with hop flavour from the signature hop - Citra. Brewed with soft Lakeland water, Maris Otter malted barley and whole cone hops.
Ilkley Brewery How do you like them Pineapples 4.50% IPA Brewed with our friends Mala Gissona from San Sebastian in the Basque region, this juicy number is light, tropical and a little resinous. Can a beer be too easy drinking?! (Vegan)
Ilkley Brewery Joshua Jane 3.70% Bitter Everything that is great about traditional Yorkshire bitter, fused with Ilkley Brewery’s unique hop character. Named after Mary Jane’s suitor, ont’ Ilkla Moor baht’at…
Ilkley Brewery Lotus 5.90% Bitter Packed with contemporary hop varieties to keep the flavours fresh and the senses sharp. (Vegan)
Ilkley Brewery Mary Jane 3.50% Bitter Multi-award-winning pale session ale. Intensely refreshing with citrus aroma and balanced bitterness. Named after the character from the Yorkshire anthem “Ont’ Ilkley Moor Baht’at”.
Ilkley Brewery Rongo 4.80% Bitter
Ilkley Brewery Slake 4.50% Lager Introducing Ilkley's premium lager. Brewed properly, with patience; 'lagering' for full flavour before dry-hopping. (Vegan)
Ilkley Brewery Stout Mary 3.50% Stout Strong in taste instead of abv, allowing you to indulge yourself. Big roasted malt notes of coffee with a delicate chocolate finish. Our Mary re-imagined. A winter beer for all seasons.
Jiddler's Tipple Everyday - Tropical Pale Ale 3.80% Bitter This is our first beer. It's a full bodied aromatic sessionable (only 3.8%!) pale ale. Beautiful aromas of tropical and citrus fruit on the nose give way to a gorgeous malty backbone. A soft mouth feel and a moreish bitterness complete this truly sessionable pale ale.
Kelham Island Kelham Best 3.80% Bitter A classic amber bitter showcasing the finest British ingredients and traditional brewing techniques. Handcrafted from Tipple and Crystal malt with the best Fuggles, Goldings and Admiral hops, this is a well balanced session beer with spicy, earthy aromas and a sweet refreshing malty finish.
Kelham Island Pride of Sheffield 4.00% Bitter A classic copper coloured bitter, the sweetness of the malt perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the hops, crafted from a range of the choicest English malted barleys incuding Maris Otter, Tipple and Crystal malts. Spicy British malts complement the malty, caramel flavours and fruity American hops add a refreshing bitter sweet palate.
Little Critters Incubator 4.20% Bitter Session IPA
Little Critters White Wolf 5.00% APA Extra Pale
Mad Squirrel Big Sea 5.50% APA From across the ocean comes the resurgent west coast IPA Style. Big citrus, big pine and big bitterness come in waves throughout this brew, courtesy of some BIG ‘C’ Hops. Get ready because the tide is changing and big sea is coming!
Mad Squirrel Hopfest 3.80% Bitter Pale Ale with Citra Chinnok & Centennial
Mad Squirrel Mister Squirrel 4.00% Bitter An old school bitter for the 21st century, Mister Squirrel is classy liquid. It is a balanced and respectable brew, with vintage notes of toffee, vanilla, and nuts. A beer like they used to be, Mister Squirrel is proof that these are the good old days.
Mallinsons Chinook 4.00% Bitter Brewed only using Chinook hops. Golden colour with a light citrus hop nose, bitter light citrusy taste and a long bitter slightly dry finish.
Mallinsons New World Pale 4.00% Bitter A pale golden ale with a lovely tropical fruit hop nose, a clean refreshing crisp bitter taste and a short dry hop hoppy finish. Brewed using Ella, Motueka, Columbus and Cascade hops.
Meanwood Brewery Arecibo Message 5.7% APA A shining example of a classic American pale ale. Clean and crisp malt character pair perfectly with moderate bitterness and layered hop character from kettle & whirlpool additions of Galena, Columbus, and Simcoe, and a generous dry-hop of Simcoe to tie it all together. Fresh, clean, and refreshing with fruity and piny characters layered throughout. (Vegan)
Meanwood Brewery Doodadeladedad 5.9% IPA A rich and sumptuous mouthfeel courtesy of maltodextrin (vegan alternative to lactose) combine with generous additions of blueberries, Sicilian lemon, and Madagascan vanilla to create a mouth-watering dessert IPA. Big El Dorado, Mosaic, and Simcoe additions in both the whirlpool and double dry-hop give it a sizeable hop kick that reinforces the fruity and citrus characters. (Vegan)
Meanwood Brewery Herald 3.9% Bitter This beer is an easy-drinking session pale ale. With large doses of Cascade and Jester added to both the whirlpool and dry hop, expect notes of grapefruit, citrus, and tropical fruit balanced by a light and refreshing malt body. Designed to be drunk several at a sitting. (Vegan)
Meanwood Brewery The Love You Make 4.5% APA A juicy, murky, and super drinkable pale ale with a slick, biscuity malt body from the large oat and wheat additions. This time Amarillo and Chinook hops provide spicy, orange, and piney notes with a big hit of grapefruit, that perfectly balance against the malt. The fourth in our series of dual hop East Coast pales. Low in bitterness but packed full of flavour. (Vegan)
Meanwood Brewery The Love You Take 4.5% APA A juicy, murky, and super drinkable pale ale with a slick, biscuity malt body from the large oat and wheat additions. This time Amarillo and Chinook hops provide spicy, orange, and piney notes with a big hit of grapefruit, that perfectly balance against the malt. The fourth in our series of dual hop East Coast pales. Low in bitterness but packed full of flavour. (Vegan)
Mechanic Bitter Spring 3.80% (Vegan)
Mechanic Choco Jungle 4.20% A nearly forgotten and extinct style of lovely chocolate ale is coming back! Low in body and alcohol makes it the perfect session beer for the evening. You can’t get bored of this one. It’s not too sweet, more dark chocolate bitterness , not to overwhelming, simply gorgeous, handsome, chocolate malt in perfect balance with roast flavours finished with silky, smooth head. (Vegan)
Mondo Dennis Hopp'r 5.30% IPA Pale malt provides the base, Carapils added for body. Columbus hops for bittering. Citra, Vic Secret and Ekuanot in the whirlpool. Dry hopped with Citra and Vic Secret. Fermented with our house West Coast Ale yeast strain.
Mondo Just One More Thing 6.20% IPA
Nomadic Agitator 4.2% APA (Vegan)
Nomadic Draug 5.3% Bitter Strider’s big brother. A modern day strong bitter packed with citrus and fruity notes of hops balanced with a thick malty base. Brewer’s favourite. (Vegan)
Nomadic Loose Nut 5.6% Stout Contains Nuts! (Vegan)
Nomadic Styrian Wolf 4.5% Bitter (Vegan)
North Brewing Pale 4.10% Bitter The latest beer in North Brewing's Pale series, is lovely and soft with a low bitterness. It's full of tropical stone fruit notes, making this pale juicy and exceptionally drinkable.
North Brewing Sputnik 5.00% Bitter A dry hopped pale ale. The blend of American hops give this beer a citrus and pine aroma, whilst tropical and stone fruit also put in a hoppy apperance.
Old Spot Light But Dark 4.00% Bitter A chestnut coloured bitter with a slight malty taste and and a pleasant bitter finish - an ideal session beer.
Old Spot Spotlight 4.20% Bitter A light coloured ale with a pleasant hoppy aftertaste.
Ora Balsamic Milk Stout 6.00% Stout The Balsamic is an incredible balance between balsamic profile, roasted character, dry herbal finish and milky sweetness.
Ora Limoncello IPA with Sorrento lemons 6.00% IPA The idea is to recreate the velvet / creamy Limoncello from Sorrento mashing in with extra pale and caragold to give a lemon-like colour, lots of flaked oats for a rounded body and lactose for the "ice cream" effect. And lots of Lemons from Sorrento of course.
Revolutions Bete Noir 4.50% Saison They're known for their dark beers, and this saison, taking inspiration from the 1987 Bryan Ferry album, should cause a stir.
Revolutions Switch 4.50% Bitter Golden pale with 'switching' hop profile. Issue #19 is hopped with Sorachi, Wai-iti & Ernest.
Roosters Twenty Four Seven 4.70% IPA Four big-hitting hops come together to create a sessionable, hop-forward pale ale with the intensity of a new world IPA. Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe from the USA, work in harmony with New Zealand's Nelson Sauvin to produce a punchbowl aroma of lemon, tangerine and gooseberry, followed by a balanced grapefruit bitterness.
Roosters YPA 4.10% IPA A two-time gold medal winner at the prestigious World Beer Cup, YPA (Yorkshire Pale Ale) is a pale, aromatic summer ale that offers up delicate peachy and berry fruit flavours.
Saltaire Beer Amarillo 4.50% Bitter The vibrant Amarillo hop infuses fresh, orange flavours into this bright, refreshing beer.
Saltaire Beer Best 4.40% Bitter All British ingredients, three malts, roasted barley and three hops - Admiral, Challenger and Goldings, and the most traditional recipe, gives this classic Best Bitter a perfect balance of rich malt backbone with fruity hop notes.
Saltaire Beer Blonde 4.00% Bitter Light and refreshing, this signature Blonde ale balances soft malt flavours with subtle spice from Bohemian Saaz hops.
Saltaire Beer Café Culture 4.60% Stout Full of decadence, this is a rich, full-bodied coffee stout infused with bittersweet chocolate and lactose, giving a creamy, balanced finish.
Seven Brothers ‘Bee’ Honeycomb Pale 4.0% Bitter Aurora & Crystal hops balanced with honeycomb syrup make for an incredibly moresome beer. Like a hoppy liquid Crunchie. (Vegan)
Seven Brothers Oatmeal Stout 4.5% Stout A winter classic revisited. Smooth with rich notes of coffee, chocolate & roasted malts. Lightly hopped, medium bodied with low bitterness. (Vegan)
Seven Brothers Session 3.8% Bitter Modern pale ale tropically hopped with Amarillo, Citra & Mosaic. (Vegan)
Seven Brothers Throwaway 5.0% IPA Upcycled 'Corn Flakes' replace wheat grain. Dry hopped with Crystal, Eureka & Falconer’s Flight.
Seven Brothers Watermelon Wheat 4.50% Wheat Beer Wheat malt rather than wheat yeast lets organic watermelon dominate this incredibly refreshingly fruity nectar. (Vegan)
Shadow Brewing Bitter 4.6% Bitter A dark, rich chestnut English bitter.
Shadow Brewing Cherry Choc Porter 4.6% Porter A smooth, creamy seasonal dark cherry and chocolate porter.
Signature Backstage IPA 5.60% APA Winner of SIBA SE's Gold Award for Best Canned IPA, Backstage is as ambitious as it is noteworthy. The beer delivers on its Access All Areas promise as it unlocks a myriad of tropical flavours including passion fruit, tangerines and berries. Throw in an encore of pine and crisp citric notes and you’ve got yourself a party. Stack them high and drink them cold.
Signature Roadie All-Night IPA 4.30% IPA Winner of SIBA SE’s Gold Award for Best Canned Pale Ale, Roadie is a dependable and refreshing road-dog of a beer. Boasting a hard-earned reputation and fit for grafters and road crews the world over, this all-night IPA loads up notes of citrus fruits including grapefruit and lime. Unsung heroes of venues, bars and festivals: we salute you.
Sunbeam Brewery Sun-kissed 3.7% Bitter
Thirst Class Ale Magnum Pale Ale 4.70% Bitter Single hopped with magnum hops.
Thirst Class Ale Stocky Oatmeal Stout 4.70% Stout Smooth stout with coffee & chocolate notes.
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.90% IPA With over 100 worldwide awards, this American Style IPA has a complexity of flavour created by a six-dimensional hop experience. Chinook, Centennial, Ahtanum, Simcoe, Columbus & Cascade.
Thornbridge Market Porter 4.50% Porter Smooth creamy porter. Named after our new pub in York -The Market Cat. This is a smooth robust, creamy porter with a hint of coffee to finish.
Titanic Iceberg 4.10% Bitter Strong Citrus aromas linger wile this clean-cut pale ale, with hints of grapefruit, creates a powerful hoppy finish.
Titanic Plum Porter 4.90% Porter Well rounded porter with fruity, sweet notes over a backdrop of hoppy flavour. Deep red in colour but not in taste, the plum lightens the deepness on the palate.
Titanic White Star 4.50% Bitter A distinctive golden hoppy, yet crisp ale with fruit tastes on the palate and scent.
Vocation Heart & Soul 4.40% IPA This is our brewery’s Heart & Soul. Created to have all the hoppy goodness of an IPA, but brewed to a sessionable strength. Its intense fruit-salad character comes from generous additions of US West Coast hops. A full bodied and fruity beer, with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, pineapple & mango. (Vegan)
Vocation Life & Death 6.50% IPA This is Life & Death. Three kilos of hops and forty kilos of barley selflessly give their lives to brew every barrel of this beer. It’s a lot to ask, but their reincarnation as this life-affirming IPA makes their sacrifice worthwhile. A ballsy, US style IPA, expect flavours of tropical & citrus fruits, with a lingering bitterness set against a smooth malty backbone. (Vegan)
Vocation Love and Hate 7.20% Bitter Traditionalists love beer that’s crystal clear, with restrained hops, and a delicate flavour. They’re going to hate this… Love & Hate is our juicily crushable, unapologetically murky, New-England pale ale. An authentic Vermont yeast strain and a big dose of oats work together with our triple dry-hopping process to create beautiful aromas and a silky mouthful. (Vegan)
Vocation Low & Behold 3.70% Bitter BEHOLD... Low & Behold our new session pale ale! Despite its low ABV this beer is big on flavour. Expect an explosive aroma and clean crisp taste. (Vegan)
Vocation Naughty & Nice 7.40% Stout This is our rich, dark and decidedly decadent chocolate stout. Uncompromisingly bold and chocolatey, it's a beer to sip and savour - for drinking in your favourite armchair and contemplating life. It's a little bit naughty, but very, very nice. Treat yourself! (Vegan)
Vocation Pure Pilsner 4.50% Lager This is our classic Pilsner lager, crafted to the highest standards. We use authentic Pilsner malt, European hops and that magic ingredient... time. The result is clean, crisp and sophisticated, just as a textbook Pilsner should be. Never pasteurised. May be naturally hazy. (Vegan)
Vocation Valencia & Blood Orange Sour 4.50% Sour This is our super-crisp, teasingly twisted taste of summer. Gently kettle-soured to complement and enhance the citrus notes of Valencia and blood oranges. It’s summer in a can. (Vegan)
Wharfedale Wharfedale Best 4.00% Bitter A traditional chestnut coloured Yorkshire Bitter made with a blend of malts infused with English hops. Subtle malt flavours give way to a floral spicey hoppiness and a mild bitter finish.
Wharfedale Wharfedale Blonde 3.90% Bitter A straw coloured blonde session ale.English malts combine with a blend of New Zealand and American hops to create lingering citrus/grapefruit flavours and a fresh satisfying bitter finish.
Wharfedale Wharfedale IPA 5.40% IPA Late hopped-full flavoured IPA, using a variety of UK, Southern Hemisphere and North American Varieties.
Wharfedale XPA 4% Bitter Joining forces to brew an extra special Extra Pale Ale. Light, crisp and easy-drinking.
Windsor & Eton Conqueror Black IPA 5.00% Black Conqueror is a rich, complex and very distinctive ale. Packed with 5 speciality malts for a wonderful combination of roasted flavours and unlike a stout, this beer packs a mighty punch of flavour derived from Summit and Cascade hops.
Windsor & Eton Uprising’s Marula Matata NEIPA 5.00% IPA This beer is a real juice bomb , not only from the use of Mosaic and Galaxy hops but also the addition of Marula juice shipped in from Africa giving the beer a tropical fruitiness with tangerine, pineapple and mango notes. It’s a smoothie of a beer!
Wishbone Bleep 3.5% IPA Session IPA using Citra, Motueka & Pacific Jade. Dry Hopped and Unfined. (Vegan)
Wishbone Blonde 3.6% IPA Our Core Blonde ale hopped with Australian Ella and German Mittlefruh
Wishbone Boilerplate 5.7% Bitter A copper coloured Unfined German Beechwood smoked beer. (Vegan)
Wishbone Cog Iron 6.5% Bitter Traditional Malts and British Hops in this XX Old Ale (Vegan)
Wishbone Dassler 4.2% Lager NZ Helles Lager hopped with Motueka, Unfined and Unfiltered (Vegan)
Wishbone Replacement Tears 4.4% Sour Raspberry Sour Unfined with Raspberries and Dry hops. (Vegan)
Wishbone Unfunk Motueka Wolf 5.5% IPA Unfined, 2-hop Combo IPA, Motueke from New Zealand and Styrian Wolf from Slovenia (Vegan)
Zapato Beaucoup Weisse 3.0% Wheat Beer Tart raspberry and blackberry berliner. Seasonal 3% quaffer, fruity af with big fun time raspberry balanced with all grown up now blackberry. Big juicy jammy and tart but not sour, little tannin and mystey comes through from the blackberries!
Zapato Breakfast With Franck 6.0% IPA A variant of our most popular beer coming thru, 2 yeasts combine in this Belgian-ish IPA which is usually 100% citra giving all sorts of juicy aspects that are now combined with Chinook for this special danker version popping with pine and greener notes - very pleased with this!
Zapato You Are Free 5.5% Stout Dry stout with passion fruit. This collaboration with Pressure Drop, is brewed with Chevallier heritage hops for an extra biscuity character and added passion fruit, because You Are Free!
Zapato Zapatapale 5.5% Bitter Citra Pale Ale Dry. Hopped with Mosaic. A juicy citra pale ale no less! Dry hopped judiciously with Mosaic - big fruit salad upfront, crisp malt and then cacophonous hops cascading through hefty orange, blueberry and honey notes.

2020 Ciders

Cider ABV Tasting Notes
Sweet 5.50% A traditional long fermented, still farmhouse cider, rich amber in colour and slightly cloudy with a rich, ripe apple scent. Just as it should be!! Tasting only of sweet, bitter apples, giving way to a crisp, sharp & satisfying dry finish.
Medium 5.50%
Dry 5.50%
Medium Cloudy 7.20%
Strawberry 4% Thirsty Farmer has been combined with delicious strawberries to create a craft cider with a hint of summer. Golden in colour with a slight red hue, this cider has a gentle soft fruit aroma, that delivers a delicate sweetness with a hint of strawberry flavour that works perfectly with the Thirsty Farmer apple zing to create a mouth-watering summer drink.
Blackcurrant 4% Sweet and juicy blackcurrants are blended with our traditional cider to create a refreshing, thirst quenching drink with a depth of colour and a light floral aroma. Sharp apple works in harmony with ripe, flavoursome blackcurrants to produce a sweet, well balanced and delicately flavoured cider.
Mango 4% The exotic taste of mango is fused with our traditional cider to produce the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Slightly orange in colour with a fragrant, citrusy aroma, this cider has a hint of mango that delivers a rounded flavour ending in a sweet and lemony after taste – a truly tropical twist on our traditional cider.
Lemon & Lime 4% A unique blend of Thirsty Farmer Cider has been mixed with a flavoursome blend of sweet, citrus lemons and aromatic limes to create a wonderfully refreshing and thirsty quenching cider. Enjoy over crushed ice! A real taste of Sunshine....
Orange & Pineapple 4% Juicy sweet oranges, exotic pineapples, crisp refreshing cider apples are bursting through this cider leaving you wanting more! Enjoy over crushed ice and think of Summer!